Staff Update–Corrie Cabes

During this interim time, we are looking at how we serve at St. Martin’s.  It’s a time to redefine, recommit and use our best talents to further the kingdom.  With that in mind, I’d like to announce that I am now serving as the Children and Youth Minister at St. Martin’s.
Although I love working with adults and pretty much everyone from fuzzy headed babies to balding heads like my father’s, I know my calling is to work with young children and teens.  My passion is working with St. Martin’s preschool and academy as the school chaplain, serving as a liaison between the church and the school.   I feel so blessed to be the school chaplain for a second year and I am grateful for the support and prayers that our parish, church leadership and school board provide the school. I’m thrilled to kick off a new Sunday school program for the Spring and I look forward to planning a Vacation Bible School program that will welcome everyone to serve and imagine a new way to touch lives and fill all those who walk through our doors with the love of Jesus.  It is so exciting to know that they will take a part of “us” with them after VBS and that the seeds of faith will be planted a little deeper.
So, what does this mean?  Did I get a new job at St. Martin’s? What you will find is that I will be focusing my time with the Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) as their leader.  I will be looking for resources and new programs to reach our children in Sunday school.  I will continue my work as the school chaplain at St. Martin’s preschool and academy.  I will lead programs geared specifically to the formation of our young children and teens. I will work with clergy and volunteers to develop programs for families.   But, Adult Education will now fall under clergy responsibilities.
I am also going “back to school.”  I’ve begun a certificate program in Christian formation at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin.  Twice a year, you will find me there and I am so excited to be learning more about our traditions, pastoral care and new ways to educate our young people.   I ask for your continued prayers as I concentrate my energy to guide the young people of this parish.  I am excited about the new possibilities in this role and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Children and Youth Minister.

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  2. Eloise Frye

    Congratulations on another milestone in your ministry!
    May there be unending happiness and ongoing contentment for you on your journey.

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