Engage with Social Media Sunday on October 25, 2015

We encourage you to share something from church on social media this Sunday, to engage your friends with your faith, and tag it with #SMS15.  Together we can use the power of social media to share the message of the Gospel outside our church building. So, keep your mobile on, and quietly, purposefully, intentionally, and gracefully use it to share.

There are many ways on social media to show the intersection of your faith and your life. Some simple ideas are:

  • Check in at church
  • Share a photo with a caption
  • Share an insight from your time at church

What began in The Episcopal Church in 2013 has grown into an ecumenical event for people who use social media to share their faith and the Good News in a contemporary and now-mainstream way. For our Lutheran sisters and brothers, the 2015 date falls when they will celebrate Reformation Sunday, remembering when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a Wittenberg church door and started discussions that transformed Western Christianity. Hanging paper in a public place was the social media of Luther’s day, and one of the key parts of the Protestant Reformation was to get the word out about God’s grace to everyone. In 2015, we encourage you to use all the tools you have for ministry, and mobile devices and social media are tools many of us have to share and engage our friends with our faith.

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