Service Sunday Wrap Up

100 sack lunches were made to feed the homeless served by Union Gospel Mission this past Sunday, December 14. Many thanks go to those who made donations and gathered to put the lunches together. Thanks also to our drivers and all the wonderful support of this ministry.

There are always jobs for everyone and it feels so good to help others. One boy wrote a beautiful prayer on a bag:

God has a plan for you.

You are beautiful in God’s eyes always.

He loves you.

You are unique.

He makes you strong.

He is everlasting.

He has plans for you.

sack for UGMThe beauty of Service Sunday is seeing God’s hand at work in the people who serve each month. It is delightful to see an assembly line move swiftly, with everyone smiling and having a great time. Everyone finds a spot and works with purpose. Assembly line December 2014

The next Service Sunday will be held on Sunday, January 11 at noon. Join us!

Take a peek at the Service Sunday photo gallery:

Service Sunday December 2014

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