Give to God the things that are God’s

 In his sermon, the Rev. Scot McComas referred to the passage from Matthew 22 regarding “giving to God the things that are God’s and to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” As we attempt to be disciples of Christ, being in the world not of the world, it can be difficult sometimes to walk the fine line between the sacred and the secular.
As part of his sermon, Fr. Scot led the congregation in a guided meditation using an exercise in the Jungian school of psychology. As we focused on reaching a higher level of consciousness, our meditation was ultimately to focus on the authentic self or the divine child. In the meditation, we walked down a long hallway, a metaphor for life, and stood before our authentic self with Christ standing next to us offering love, compassion, kindness and acceptance. Everyone was encouraged to try this type of exercise which can help greatly as we render to God the things that are God’s, namely ourselves.

Scriptures for the twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

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