Soften your hard heart

There are actually two sermons in this post today…The video you will see is Youth Minister Megan Grant’s children’s sermon where she urges everyone to bring the fun back to fundamentalism. The audio & downloadable pdf, is the sermon Megan preached at an earlier service.

In her sermon, Megan discusses some recent news, and testimonies that seem to have fallen on deaf ears and hard hearts. She talks about the importance of not just hearing what another person has to say, but opening your heart to what they are saying. She talks about how Jesus was tested by the Pharisees – not because they wanted to learn from him, but because they wanted to be proven right. She urges us not to be like the Pharisees – but to look within ourselves, see the ugliness that may be there, and work to change it.

Scriptures for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost