Sermons by “The Rev. Scot McComas”

Marching in the light of God

In his sermon for children (and adults), the Rev. Scot McComas tells us that God asks us to live a life worthy of God’s calling, each with our own gifts. This kind of life is one of building up and not tearing down, and it’s full of sharing God’s love with others. Watch or listen:

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Rooted & grounded in love

In his sermon this week, the Rev. Scot McComas relays his recent experience at the 79th General Convention in Austin, TX. He touches on many key points & topics brought up during the convention, and some of the resolutions that were passed. Topics such as welcoming the Episcopal churches from Cuba back into the fold, allowing same-sex marriages in all Episcopal churches, and reviewing gender-neutral language throughout the Book of Common Prayer all had the underlying message of acceptance & love. Father Scot talked about some healing moments that happened during the convention, and about Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s continued message of love. Father Scot reminds us to accept God’s grace & to be rooted & grounded in love.

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