Seasons Newsletter – Fall 2015

We invite you to read our latest edition of our newsletter Seasons, for the autumn months of October and November, in the liturgical season we call “Ordinary Time.”

Seasons offers information about the rhythms and meanings of the current liturgical season of the year and how this relates to who we are and what we do together as Christians. We share our personal and group stories in Seasons, too. We will be asking for your contribution of stories, art, and pictures in our next edition of Seasons.

View or download Seasons – Fall – October – November 2015 (PDF, 4 pages)


In this issue:

  • Be like Benny by Corrie Cabes
  • Zip code party updates by the Rev. Scot McComas
  • My journey through Education for Ministry by Mev Matulevich
  • A labyrinth at our church by Ron Hitchcock
  • A newcomer’s view by Annette Presley
  • Reflections by Flo Lowrey
  • A thank you note from Flo Lowrey
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