Resurrection Eggs

I found something very interesting at a certain Christian bookstore recently! Resurrection eggs!  Resurrection eggs are plastic eggs that look just like Easter eggs and come in a package with a little story book.  But, each egg has a different object in it that tells a piece of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, to the cross and beyond.

I opened one egg up today in Chapel with St. Martin’s Preschool and Academy.  Inside the egg was a little plastic donkey.  This egg reminds us of what happened to Jesus as he found himself on the road to Jerusalem.  As I recounted the story of Jesus entering the city,  the students waved their arms as if they had palms, welcoming Jesus.  I laid out a large scarf on the carpet to signify the many cloaks and palm leaves that were laid at Jesus’s feet.

I told the students that we would open more eggs next week and discover the rest of Jesus’ way to the cross.  The Resurrection eggs will take us all the way to Easter!

This Sunday, as your child checks into Sunday school in the Education Building, I will be sending home instructions on how you can make your own Resurrection eggs at home.  This is a great project you can do together as a family!


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