Request to assist St. Martin Preschool and Academy

We have an Episcopal school as part of our ministry and outreach. Episcopal schools are grounded in a religious tradition that sees the work of love both as current task and as a vision for a healed future.

The value of Episcopal schools is one which can bring new families into our church community and support the gift of education. In order to best support the school and to move it forward, the Board of Trustees have formed three committees of the Board. We very much would like to have representation from the parish community in order to guide these committees in their recommendations to the Board for implementation. This is one way in which  this parish can show the value of the school. The committees will begin their work in April of this year. We are asking the initial members of the committee to commit to serving on their committee until May of 2015. New members will be added and those who have served previously will be given the option of serving for another year or not. The length of service will then be for the duration of each academic year. These are the committees and their tasks:

Playground Committee

  1. Come up with a plan/design and a location for a new playground.
  2. The plan will include two separate playgrounds for children ages 2-12 divided by age appropriateness.
  3. Get estimated costs and bids
  4. Put together a fund raising plan
  5. Designate one person representing the church and school to be the point person for the company doing the installing.
  6. Create a time frame in which this can be accomplished.

Marketing Committee

Create a marketing plan and a time line to carry it out

Technology Committee

Create a plan and timeline for the plan to be accomplished.

Each committee will be chaired by a member of the Board. Your input is essential to make sure these committees meet the needs of the school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with Karrie Marling, Annette Duff or Rev. Mike Wallens. We are excited about the possibilities which are ahead for the school.

This letter comes with grateful hearts for your presence in the St. Martin Preschool and Academy.

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