Radical Hospitality: The Next Step

The term “radical hospitality” has become a phenomenon at St. Martin’s.  It describes how we welcome new people to St. Martin’s community.  All are welcome, no matter what, at St. Martin’s, and that is the beauty of radical hospitality.  You don’t have to do anything, be anything…just show up and walk through the doors and be a part of a community where you can truly feel at home.

But, now what?  How do we continue “radical hospitality” and extend it to those who aren’t “newbies?”  How can we take the principles of radical hospitality and turn it towards each other and ourselves in our daily lives? Radical Hospitality: The Next Step, begins on  Wednesday, January 8th as a new series.  No previous reading or book required.  Heather Wilson, holistic practitioner and Fr. Mike Wallens lead this discussion. Contact mike.wallens@stmartininthefields.org for more info.

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