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What are your earliest memories of being of being a good steward, of giving of yourself in order to lift someone else up?

Being a good steward is a part of being a good Christian, a good Episcopalian, a good human. What are your earliest memories of giving to others? Was it collecting your own allowance to put into the collection plate on Sundays? Did you help a friend who was in need?

For me, I can remember bringing my own money into church on Sundays, maybe only a dollar, but it was what I could give at the time. I remember being so proud to put that money in the collection plate, knowing that I had done a good thing.

In my life as an adult, I have sought to help others in need, and I have a particular soft spot for the homeless and hungry. But I rarely give money. I give food. I give my ear. I was stopped at a light not long ago, on my way to work, and there was a man holding a sign, asking for food. I opened my window, and spoke to him briefly, enough to know that he was going through hard times, and he was just hungry. I gave him a few items from what I brought for lunch that day. It wasn’t much, but it was what I had at the time.  He was very grateful, which was nice, but I was just grateful that I could do something.

So, what do you remember about your first experiences with stewardship? Please send your answers to:

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Thank you, I am looking forward to your answers!

Anika Barbarito

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