Preschool Gives Thanks

Today I give thanks for a few little ones today at St. Martin’s Preschool and Academy.  Each week Fr. Mike and I hold Chapel on Wednesday and Thursday and it is a delight to see the students come in ready to sing and praise God.  This week we focused on giving.  I used the example of God giving us this wonderful world with beautiful trees that shed autumn leaves.  The changing colors  remind us that God is alive and that His love for us is beautiful.  What is amazing is that out of all the wonderful things that the Holy One has made, we are most precious in His sight.

The students and I  looked at leaves from the trees in the fields and we marveled in the deliriously gorgeous shades of autumn…bright juicy reds like an apple, deep glossy plums, even a couple of crisp greens were to be found.  These are like little love letters from God saying, “I am here. I love you. Remember me each day.”

I encouraged the children to bring canned goods for Chapel this week in the spirit of giving.  I was amazed as some of the youngest students carried cans with two hands, ever so carefully, to place in our blessing basket.  They were so delighted to be able to give and slowly and with much joy, they placed their offering to be blessed.  Teaching children at a young age to think of others is a wonderful way to show God’s love.  Just like the autumn leaves, changing with the season, we can be bright beautiful expressions of God’s love and thanksgiving for His bounty in our lives.

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