Joel Walker

Welcome ministry liaison:

Raised a Methodist, Joel was introduced to the Episcopal Church in 1962.  He holds a degree in Mathematics and served for two years in the U. S. Army.  He has two daughters and a lovely wife, Carol-Lynn. The family has called St. Martin-in-the-Fields their church home since 1991.

Joel’s service to St. Martin’s includes the Men’s Group, as a special shopper and cook for events at St Martin’s, and an extra hand whenever there was work to be done in the parish or in the community.   He previously served as a Green Team coordinator for about ten years, and has served terms on the Vestry for a more than 10 total years, and has served on the committee for the Festival in the Fields.  He has served as both a delegate and an alternate to diocesan Convention. Retired now, he is now more active than ever in the church.