My Experience at Union Gospel Mission

by Clay C., youth at St. Martin’s

When I was asked to go help deliver shoes at the Union Gospel Mission,  I didn’t know what I would do.  I didn’t know what it was gonna be like. I pictured a giant spanish mission.  It was more like a clean hospital when I got there.

The people were different than I pictured also. I thought homeless people were people who gave up their jobs, but really they’re just really poor and you really don’t know what has happened to them. I was surprised at how many homeless people there were that we saw. You don’t see homeless people where I live.

I would definitely want to help again at UGM.  I have an idea about donating gloves. I feel that young people can help just as much as adults can help. Today I learned that not everybody has what they need and we should help those who don’t have what I have.

Today at Union Gospel Mission, I felt that God was there, in our hearts. It makes me feel happy that someone can use my shoes that are still good. I will pray for the person who got my shoes. I hope they can use them.


Clay Cabes


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