Minutes of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church Annual Meeting 2015

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church Annual Meeting 2015
January 31, 2016
The Annual Meeting of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held January 31, 2016, in the East Parish Hall. The Rector read diocesan canons Title IV: 8.1 and 8.2 regarding Annual Meetings and after announcing there was a quorum present opened the meeting with prayer at 12:21 PM.
Election of the Secretary
Gregory Anderson moved Glenda Morehead be elected secretary to record the minutes of the meeting. Edith Bartley seconded the motion and the motion carried.
Annual Meeting Minutes Approval Today and Going Forward
Joy Malmgren moved the minutes of the last Annual Meeting be approved. Jim Wilson seconded the motion, and the motion carried. The Rector announced that henceforth St. Martin’s will follow the diocesan guidelines that Annual Meeting minutes be forwarded to the incoming vestry to be approved by them at their first regular meeting. After their approval the minutes will be placed in the permanent church files and available on the church website.
Introduction of Current Vestry
Current Vestry members present were introduced and acknowledged by a round of applause. Included in the group was Bob Bess, previous senior warden. Those whose terms end today are Annette Duff, Pat Hollifield, DJ Mitchell, and Jim Wilson. The Rector presented the outgoing vestry members with St Francis prayer cards, including Bob Bess in that number. Bess was given a standing round of applause as thanks for his service during the interim.
Introduction of Current Delegates and Alternates
Those elected at last year’s Annual Meeting as delegates and alternates to diocesan convention were introduced and thanked for their service during the past year with a round of applause. They are Gregory Anderson, Tom Bolerjack, Martha Hitchcock, Susan Kleinwechter, Ayo Omoniyi, Rebecca Snell, Joel Walker, and Kathy Watson. Alternates are Francine deLongchamp, Shawn Higgins, Karrie Marling, Mary Ellen Matulevich, and Linda Snow. When vacancies occurred among delegates, alternates took their places.
2016 Vestry Election
The Rector introduced the five nominees for vestry. They are James Bedell, Linda Snow, Joel Walker, Nancy Wieden and Kathy Wilkinson. He then asked for nominations from the floor. There being none Bob Bess moved the nominations be closed and the slate elected by acclamation. Cyndy Sulots seconded the motion, and the slate was elected as presented. One of those elected will be selected by the vestry to serve the final year of Bob Bess’s term. The others will serve the usual three year term.
2016 Delegate Election
The Rector announced that the formula for deciding the number of delegates from each congregation is now based on Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) meaning the average attending all weekend church services (excluding Easter) in the year preceding the diocesan convention… Based on St. Martin’s ASA for 2015 (224) we are entitled to 6 delegates for 2016. He remarked that judged by ASA, St. Martin’s is now the third largest congregation in the diocese, no longer the “little church in the fields of Keller.”
Those nominated as St. Martin’s delegates for 2016 are Gregory Anderson, Susan Kleinwechter, Rebecca Snell, Linda Snow, Joel Walker and Nancy Wieden. The Rector introduced them and called for additional nominations from the floor. There being none, Jack Bolerjack moved the nominations be closed and the slate elected by acclamation. John Wieden seconded the motion and the slate was elected.
Election of Alternate Delegates
The Rector asked for volunteers who would be willing to serve as alternate delegates for 2016. The following persons volunteered: Kathy Bedell, Mary Beth Butler, Brandy Heckel, Martha Hitchcock, Joy Malmgren and Deneice Wood. There being no more volunteers to come forward Elizabeth Mason moved the slate of volunteers be elected as alternate delegates for 2016. DJ Mitchell seconded the motion and the slate was elected.
Rector’s Report
The Rector’s report was projected on the wall screen, and he highlighted parts of it. He had presented his report at every worship service this weekend, to ensure that even those who would not attend the meting today would have the opportunity to receive it in person. He reminded everyone that the younger members are the future of any church, and in that respect St. Martin’s is truly blessed with tremendous growth with many new families with children. New growth means increased needs for space, and our church will have to find new and creative ways to fulfill that need. People feel welcomed only if there is space for them.
He announced that the school now has 76 students. A new teacher has been hired, and an intern will be coming on staff as a part of her teacher training program. He thanked all staff and volunteers who work with our children in any capacity.
Senior Warden’s Report
Senior Warden Gil Kleinwechter highlighted some aspects of his projected report. He is certain that our new energetic Rector and dedicated staff will meet the challenges ahead.
Junior Wardens Report
One of our two Junior Wardens, Gregory Anderson, reported on much of the work He and Charles Busey have done in the past year. As with any church our buildings require constant attention.
Financial Report
Interim Treasurer DJ Mitchell, aided by his projected reports, went over the financials for 2015 He mentioned that in any human endeavor mistakes can occur, and the most important response is to solve problems as quickly as possible. He reviewed the budget for 2016 which has been approved by the vestry.
St. Martin’s Library
The Rector introduced Claire Abraham, Librarian, who stated that the library now has about 550 volumes available for loan. She explained the process for checking out materials and recommended that any teachers or ministry leaders check the library first when they need materials for classes, etc.
Announcements and Final Remarks
Parishioners were referred to all Annual Meeting reports for today which are published on the church website.
Confirmation will take place April 17 with Assisting Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Hulsey, ret.
A School Fundraiser will be held April 30.
177 bricks have been purchased for the labyrinth border.
The vestry will meet in the Godly Play room immediately following this meeting.
Adjournment and Closing Prayer
Gregory Anderson moved the meeting be adjourned, Gary Wilkinson seconded the motion and the meeting closed with prayer by the Rector at 1:38 PM
Respectively submitted,
Glenda Morehead