Labyrinth Committee

The Labyrinth Committee has studied ways to build a labyrinth to use for spiritual reflection and meditation, a sacred outdoor space that we may share with the greater community. Be a part of this! Contact Ron Hitchcock at

Construction update:

Labyrinth construction has begun!

The labyrinth is both a pattern and a symbol, passed down to us over the centuries of time that date back as long ago as 2500 years before the birth of Christ. In various forms the labyrinth has been used as a spiritual tool in almost all cultures and religions. It is a kind of meandering path that leads from the outside into the center and back out again. The path of a labyrinth, as opposed to a maze, is being one simple path, never crossing over itself, but leading to the center.

Since a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is way too far, seekers can walk a pilgrim’s walk on a labyrinth

  • To enhance spiritual growth
  • To experience transformation
  • To enter into an intimate and inspiring relationship with God and one another
  • To share the path in the spirit of love, reverence and respect for each one’s personal journey

What our people say about experiences in a labyrinth

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