Labrinth class for Friday Nights in Lent, March 14 – April 11

Do you ever feel far from God, alone, everyday life is a struggle? Making a pilgrim’s walk on a labyrinth could be your answer.

The labyrinth is gracious and generous, with its gifts for all who enter it. It reintroduces the much-needed walking meditation back into the Christian tradition. It gives everyone a tool for spiritual experiences. It heals and consoles, supports and comforts, and helps us remember the ancient paths where others have trod before us. The labyrinth allows us to experience the rhythm of our souls. It weaves us together in the joy and mercy of God’s grace.
The Rev Dr. Lauren Artress, Walking a Sacred Path

Join us Friday nights March 14 – April 11 for a study and experience of the labyrinth, as part of our program Friday Nights in LentYou will be offered an opportunity to walk the labyrinth…

  • To enhance spiritual growth
  • To experience transformation
  • To enter into an intimate & inspiring relationship with God and one another
  • To share the path and the spirit of love, reverence, and respect for each ones personal journey
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