Join us this Sunday for the Lenten Sunday Discussion

You are invited to the Lenten Sunday discussion held after the 10:30am service in the education building this Sunday. The topic is work…and it applies to all of us. Whether we are paid for our work or we volunteer, we all need to look at our life balance.

Many young people are trying to balance a lot–school, work, band, sports…sometimes it gets to be too much. Adults are trying to manage their own work life, families and more. Those who may have defined themselves by their careers can feel lost after retirement or a job change.

Plus, we “have” to be in touch. Can you imagine turning your phone off for a day, not checking email or being online? Hard to think about doing that!

So, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about how we value ourselves according to how “well” we perform, stay connected with social media or on top of our emails. The Jesus that our teens are learning about on Wednesday night EYC meetings would say that we are not to be valued by getting A’s or awards or a raise at work. We are defined by a God that loves us. Work, school and volunteering can be an outpouring of our gratitude and our response to the unconditional acceptance we receive from God. Work can be a vehicle, driving us closer to a meaningful relationship with God.

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