About the new website

We’ve made some major changes to our online presence with the launch of a redesigned website. This redesign brings us modern communication tools for our congregation and its ministries. We encourage everyone who was familiar with the layout of the new site to become familiar with the new one.   We’ve provided some information to help you get started:

About the menu bar… what’s that little triangle thingy I see?

illustration of main menu

Some items in the main menu have a small down-arrow beside them (shown circled in red above). The down-arrow  indicates a sub-menu.

Hey! This looks different depending on my screen size!

That’s right, when you change the size of your browser, or rotate your mobile screen, the layout changes with the intent to optimize your viewing. The website is built on a platform that accommodates responsive web design. In a world that is on the brink of having more web access on mobile platforms than on desktop platforms, responsive design is an imperative. Play around with it, and you’ll learn that content wraps in predictable ways, from left to right and top to bottom with right sidebars usually appearing below other page content.

Where did you hide the calendar and lay ministry schedule and forms and vestry minutes?

Those are all resources, so they’ll be under the Resources menu. The calendar displayed on the Calendar page has a typical grid display. Please note that upcoming calendar events and their details are displayed on the Home page in a  list below all the picture-link boxes.

The Lay Ministry Schedule will be published to the website a little differently than has been done in the previous decade on the old website. Don’t worry, we’ll still use a pdf, but that will be inside a news post rather than in a static location. Click on Resources and then the sub-menu item Lay Ministry Schedule. The news post containing the most recently-published pdf schedule will be the first thing you see at the top of the list of previous lay ministry schedule posts.  Click on the news post title (e.g., “Lay Ministry Schedule for June 2013“) to get to the pdf.  We want to announce to all our website subscribers every time we publish a calendar, and a news post will do that. You’ll also notice we don’t say “click here” for links – they show up as blue text, and your pointer changes to indicate they are links.

Vestry minutes are also resources, but you’ll perhaps notice we’ve now re-named that menu item Vestry Updates. Our goal is to assist the vestry in communicating more than just meeting minutes, so we created a way to do that.  Any communication from the vestry will appear there, with the most recent posts on the top. Check it out!

What’s this random blue text that is a different color from the black text on a page?

Those are hyperlinks to more web content. We display hyperlinks in the same font as the surrounding text, and use the blue color to set the link apart.  You’ll mainly notice a change in how we use hyperlinks. We won’t interrupt your reading and prompt you with generic instructions like  “click here.” Instead, we’ll provide meaningful text as the link names and use hover text to indicate what you’ll get when you click on them.

I can’t find the content I’m looking for!

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try one or more of the following:

Search for the content you are looking for. In the right sidebar of the News page you’ll find a simple Search tool. Try that first.

Check the archive of the old site- did we ever have what you’re looking for?  The entire previous site has been archived at old.stmartininthefields.org.

Report the missing content. Contact the web team to let us know what it is you can’t find.

My ministry, committee, or group doesn’t have a page, or the page has bad information.

We have solicited information about all the groups within our church, but in some cases we have not known whom to contact, or our requests have not been answered.  If you can provide information about your ministry, committee, or group, please go to the Contact page and email us your information so that we can provide that information to the public. If you have provided information to us and we have not published it, our bad – contact us about that.

I’ve noticed some bugs in the new website.

If you see something weird or broken on this site, please let us know about it. There are two ways to do so:

Best way to report an issue

Go to this website’s code repository at GitHub and report an issue there. You’ll need to sign up for a free account, which will only take you a moment. Reporting an issue at GitHub is the best way to let us know about a problem because it provides an easy way for us to track  reported bugs and manage their resolution, and it lets you follow the progress on that bug and on our website development.  It’s the best way to share an idea for an improvement, too!  Click here to report a bug at GitHub.

Not the best way to report an issue

If you have difficulty with GitHub, you can use the contact form to email the web team about any problems.

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