Holy Week

These are exciting times in the life of the church: Holy Week and Easter. Lent reaches its climax during Holy Week, itself a journey within a journey. The pace of the liturgical year seems to slow down beginning on Palm Sunday, until, in the paschal triduum, from Maundy Thursday to Easter, we recall the stages of Christ’s passing from this world. It is a solemn passage through loneliness, betrayal, injustice, and brutal suffering. It’s a movement from life to death to life again.

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem put a choice before the people: Will you be my disciple, or will you be my executioner? There is no middle ground here. Jesus went to Jerusalem to put people in a situation where they had to say “Yes” or “No.” As Henri Nouwen wrote: “[Jesus] had to wait upon how people were going to respond. What would they do? Betray him or follow him?” And that question becomes ours as well. Will you choose to follow Jesus through the trials of Holy Week and be there when he rises on Sunday or not?

In order to help you make that choice, we are providing worship experiences which follow Jesus into Jerusalem where the drama of Holy Week unfolds.

Palm Sunday – Regular times of worship

  • 5pm Saturday
  • 8:30am Sunday (incense outside of the church)
  • 10:30am Sunday (incense; no Sunday School)

As Jesus enters Jerusalem on the donkey we are seen by him with all our sins, guilt and shame and loved with all his forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

Maundy Thursday

  • 7pm Eucharist, Washing of feet, Stripping the Altar, Watch at the Altar of Repose

Just before entering on the road of his passion he washed the feet of his disciples and offered them his body and blood as food and drink. These two acts belong together. they are both an expression of God’s determination to show us the fullness of his love.

Jesus…having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end. (Eucharistic Prayer D)

From the conclusion of the Maundy Thursday service through Good Friday morning, we keep watch before the Blessed Sacrament at the Altar of Repose. This commemorates for us the disciples being asked to watch and pray with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemine the night before He was crucified. And Jesus said to Peter, “So you could not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” Mt. 26: 40-41. So that we can make certain there are at least two people keeping watch for each hour of the Vigil, please print your name on the poster by the main door of the church sanctuary. This way we can be certain that there is always someone before the Blessed Sacrament, and we can ensure people’s safety.

Good Friday

  • Noon Stations of the Cross
  • 5pm Children & Family Worship
  • 7pm Book of Common Prayer Good Friday Worship

The Price of Truth. Yes, the cross is our salvation. It “buys” us the truth, which is always expensive in this world. Through the cross Jesus paid the price, not so we would not have to, but so that we would in fact know that there is a price for truth and love: everything.

Holy Saturday

  • 8:30pm The Great Vigil of Easter (incense)

The paschal Mystery, the death that is embraced with love, does not lead to death but to life. Absurdity which is embraced and forgiven will not lead to meaninglessness but to freedom.

Easter Sunday

  • 7:00am Baptism and Eucharist in the memorial garden
  • 8:30am Eucharist and hymns
  • 9:30am Easter egg hunt & flowering of the cross
  • 10:30am Eucharist and hymns (incense; no Sunday School)

As a community of people conscious of our disabilities, we are held together not so much by the Word as by the body—the risen body of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our God of Resurrection,
our long Lenten journey,
begun in the bleak of winter
and now finished in the springtime
with its budding signs of hope,
has brought us through the night
to the foot of the cross
and now to an empty tomb.

We thank you for Easter,
for the miracle of the resurrection of our rightful King,
who has washed our sins away
and conquered death
and given us the gift of life.

We praise you for this Easter Day,
for today the great adventure begins:
new life, true life,
free from sin that would enslave us
free from the fear of death that would claim us,
free to love fully and completely,
as you have loved us.

May your name be praised. AMEN

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