Help make our worship special

Did you know that you can donate flowers or altar gifts and make a dedication that we post in our weekly bulletin? Visit the bulletin board outside the church office or ask an usher for a form.

Donate flowers

Worship in our church is an experience that involves all the senses, and the flowers that we see around the Lord’s table draw us closer to God. We offer the opportunity for anyone to give altar flowers, Christmas flowers, or Easter flowers to the glory of God and in memory, thanksgiving, or celebration for people or events that are important to you. Learn more or donate…

Donate altar gifts

Take the opportunity to honor someone or something important in your life with a bread and wine dedication in our worship. When we are about take a meal together and share the Eucharistic elements of bread and wine in Holy Communion, it is a natural time to share a remembrance or thanksgiving with our faith community. Learn more or donate…

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