Flower Dedication

Worship in our church is an experience that involves all the senses, and the flowers that we see around the Lord’s table draw us closer to God. We offer the opportunity for anyone to give altar flowers, Christmas flowers, or Easter flowers to the glory of God and in memory, thanksgiving, or celebration for people or events that are important to you.

Donation information and financial contributions for flowers must be received at least 2 Sundays prior to the date you desire in order to add the dedication to the bulletin. If you haven’t completed a dedication form, email stmartin@stmartininthefields.org & include your name, dedication date, your memorial, celebration, or thanksgiving note.

Your flower gift can be made a couple of ways:

  • When you are at church, you can fill out a flower donation form in the office and return it to the parish administrator with your payment, or put it in the plate during worship. Donation forms can be found on the bulletin board outside the church office, or just ask an usher! Write “flowers” on your check or on your payment envelope
  • You can email & pay online. Email Anika Rinker at stmartin@stmartininthefields.org and include your name, desired dedication date, your memorial, celebration, or thanksgiving note, and pay online with a button below.

Flowers for worship ($25) – Flower dedications are printed in the bulletin each weekend. Please give your dedication at least two Sundays before the date you desire. We MUST know your name and dedication date, and also your our memorial, celebration, or thanksgiving note.

Flowers for Easter ($10) – The deadline for donations of lilies is Sunday, April 7. Easter lily dedications are printed in our Easter bulletin.

Flowers for Christmas ($10) – The deadline for donations of poinsettias for Christmas 2019 has not yet been announced. Poinsettia dedications are printed in our Christmas Eve bulletin.

You may use the form below for a card or ACH contribution; pick “Flowers” from the list of funds, and enter your card or ACH information: