Extending the Table

Beginning August 23, St. Martin’s Eucharistic Visitor (EV) ministry will resume! Eucharistic Visitors are clergy or lay people trained to administer communion to those who are homebound. We are excited to extend the Table into our community once more. This is good news for folks who’ve missed receiving Communion and are not able to participate in Drive-in Worship
During each Sunday’s worship service, three Eucharistic Visitors will come forward for the sending forth prayer. Those EV’s will visit parishioners after the service on Sunday. There’s a hidden gift in this “new normal”:  before we began worship services online, those receiving communion at home were unable to see the Eucharist Celebration in which they would participate. Now thanks to our new way of worshipping, everyone is able to see, hear, and participate in worship. 
Rest assured, COVID-19 safety guidelines have been incorporated into this ministry. While our method of delivery may be different, the experience of participating in Sunday’s Eucharist will be similar.
In the past, our EV’s entered homes and shared communion with you. Until COVID-19 has passed, they will practice contactless delivery. They will place a white bag or “Communion kit” on your doorstep, ring the bell, and step back 6 feet. When you open the door, they will exchange the peace with you: The peace of the Lord be always with you. And also with you.
The white bags will contain the number of communion cups requested for your household, a liturgy for receiving communion, and the lectionary readings for the day.  
To accommodate as many households as possible, we are planning one Eucharistic Visitation per month per household. Deacon Ayo Omoniyi is receiving names and assisting in the scheduling of visits.
If you would like to receive communion at your home, please contact the church office at 817-431-2396 or stmartin@stmartininthefields.org and we will have Deacon Ayo call you.