Wednesday summer nights for all!

Hello Summer Time!

All are welcome & encouraged to join us each Wednesday night this summer until July 31! Each week, we’ll meet at a different location, usually someone’s home. This is an opportunity for everyone to share in the fun of summer as you spend time together getting to know each other better. For those who participate in dinner gatherings, this is the same chance of bonding at a larger level! **disclaimer** This is not a church worship time or a free babysitting opportunity!

If you have a pool, a space for gathering, or both, please sign up to host a Wednesday night. We’ll gather from 6:30 – 8 pm to play games, swim, watch a movie, or just eat and hang out! Everyone can lend a hand to clean up at the end. Your hospitality is needed to host good people, good times, and good memories!

If you do not have enough space of your own, but want to partner with a home and bring food or fun please do! Some homes have already signed up, so if you want to partner with someone, please reach out to that host! Your youth pastor lives in an apartment so she knows all about limited space. Please do not see your space as eliminating you from participation in other ways. Partnering with another host home may be the best way to share space and resources.

Got questions? Contact for answers!

Sign up today!

To sign up to host a Wednesday night at your home, or to find out the location each week, click here.