Stations of the Cross

Please join us at 7 pm Fridays in Lent for Stations of the Cross. We’ll gather in the church sanctuary walk to each of 14 sequential stations and pray and meditate about each event Jesus went through from his condemnation to the tomb. When we pray the stations indoors, we most often have a procession with an acolytes carrying a cross and with a lay person reading the meditations and leading prayers.

The Stations of the Cross are a Christian devotion which commemorates the Passion and death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Stations” comes from the Latin word that means to stand. “Of the Cross” refers to the events that surrounded Jesus’ crucifixion on a cross on Calvary. Each of the 14 stations represents an event which occurred during Jesus’ Passion and death at Calvary on Good Friday.

We’ll offer Stations of the Cross at 7 pm Fridays through March 23. On Good Friday, March 30, we will have stations of the Cross at noon. 

Information about St. Martin’s outdoor stations of the cross is here.