May 14 reception for youth minister, Corrie Cabes

We invite you to come to a reception Sunday, May 14, at 12 pm to celebrate and honor the ministry of Corrie Cabes, who will be moving to Austin this summer to attend Seminary of the Southwest. Corrie is now a postulant in the ordination process.
Corrie has been a part of our church and served in so many ways since her family joined St. Martin’s in 2006. As a family member praying in the pews like so many of us, she was a VBS volunteer, Godly Play teacher, and Sunday School teacher. She joined our church staff in 2012, using her private school teaching experience as the director of Christian education, children and youth minister, and youth minister in 2016. Corrie has also served as the school chaplain since 2013 and loves the special relationship she’s had with students, parents and staff.
Father Scot McComas shares this about Corrie’s ministry at St. Martin’s:
Though I am sad to see Corrie, Richard, Clay and Olivia leave St. Martin’s, I am excited for Corrie and her family as they head off to seminary this fall. They will be greatly missed at our church and our church staff team will feel her absence.
Since I have known Corrie, she has impressed me with so many qualities: she’s an extremely hard worker, very bright, a great writer and homilist, someone who has a creative and original mind and, without a doubt, a leader.
I am also extremely grateful that Corrie has been proactive in making sure that everything for City Week and the Episcopal Youth Event is organized prior to her leaving. That speaks volumes of her commitment to St. Martin’s.
I know Corrie will be an excellent priest and I look forward to her ordination in just a few years.
Corrie shares,
We visited so many churches trying to find a church like Church of the Resurrection in Oklahoma City, the church I grew up in, that felt like home. Many churches felt unwelcoming and there is nothing like that awful feeling of not belonging. We almost gave up and realized that there was one church we had not visited in our area. St. Martin’s did more than just welcome us. They plugged us in and got us involved, Miss Rusty loved on both of my children in the nursery and Sunday School teachers and adults and teens have gently guided my two children. Clay and Olivia have had the opportunity to make amazing friends and share meaningful moments and become involved in ministry. Richard has had a chance to serve in many ways and helped build the youth Sunday School program by committing to teaching every Sunday for a year. He’s also served on diocesan councils and grown in faith at St. Martin’s. Even my parents have been welcomed with open arms and have made wonderful friends.
We were all welcomed here. That’s why I have spent my time here at St. Martin’s trying to welcome others, especially children and families, into this perfectly imperfect “family” of Christians. I could not believe it when I became the Director of Christian Education five years ago. This ministry has shaped me, has changed me and I am very grateful for God’s hand guiding me every step of the way. I’m also thankful for this church and school; for encouraging me, letting me fail at times and letting me start again wiser, and with new purpose. I’ve had mentors, some clergy, mostly lay persons, who have shown me what Jesus is truly like and so many God moments.
St. Martin’s is the reason I am now being called to “more,” whatever that may be. This church called me to be more when I walked through the red doors; more than I could have possibly imagined that I could be or give and I hope that I can continue to serve the church more fully as an ordained minister, with an education from Seminary of the Southwest. It is very hard to think of leaving this community and moving far away from dear family and friends, but I know this is not a “forever goodbye.” I do know that I would not be at this place without you all, so thank you.
Come and celebrate Corrie’s ministry after the 10:30 worship service ends in the large east parish hall on May 14. Join in Service Sunday, where we make sack lunches for the people at Union Gospel Mission – we’ll first work together in the ministry that Corrie helped us start, and that is dear to her heart – and we’ll cut the cake at 12:30 and celebrate the decade that her ministry has grown among us. If you appreciate the impact she has had in our church or in your life, please consider sharing that with her personally, in writing, or at her reception. The Cabes family’s last Sunday with us is May 21.
If you would like to make a donation to Corrie to support her during her seminary years, you can make a secure donation online at This donation is not tax-deductible.
What’s next in our youth program?
Exciting things continue to happen in our youth ministry! Service Sundays, always benefitting from youth leadership and participation, will continue every second Sunday (come to a planning meeting Sunday, April 30 at 12 pm to plan how to keep this ministry thriving). City Week, which invites teens and adults to local mission work, is scheduled for June 26-29 (come to an information meeting Wednesday, May 3, 6:30 to 8 pm; registration deadline is May 31). A group of teens is headed to the  Episcopal Youth Event July 10-14.
We are in the process of hiring a new youth minister, so stay tuned for details!