The Longest Night – a service of remembrance

Join us for The Longest Night, a service of remembrance, at 5 pm on Saturday, December 21.

The holidays are often the loneliest time of the year for those who have experienced recent loss in their lives. These losses can be the death of a loved one, loss of a job, divorce, death of a dear pet, loss of health, or any of the other losses people deal with. The Longest Night service allows us to grieve the losses, to admit that maybe we are just not able to be happy and upbeat this holiday while everyone around us is celebrating. It allows us to acknowledge our losses and our pain, and to take comfort in God’s love and care for us, especially in sending Jesus, who experienced loss and grieved as we do.

You will have an opportunity to light a candle or two as a way of remembering someone who has left your life or someone or something you have left behind.

God already knows what we struggle with and wants us to place these pains and sorrows at the foot of the Cross. Christ has taken these upon himself, and we can find wholeness and healing when we are ready. As we bring our grief and our pain to God, may we experience God’s love, God’s comfort, and God’s peace.