Here am I; Send Me: the journey of Jonathan Daniels

Come hear the story of Jonathan Myrick Daniels, Episcopal seminarian and civil rights martyr who gave his life so that others might have the right to vote in Alabama. At 12:30 pm Sunday, October 4 the Rev. Judy Upham and the Rev. Lauren Gough will present the award-winning documentary Here am I; Send Me: The Journey of Jonathan Daniels and discuss the 50th anniversary pilgrimage to Selma, which they attended.  Daniels is now celebrated in The Episcopal Church’s calendar of Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints.

Why discuss Jonathan Daniels?

In 1965 two young seminary students went to Selma, Alabama at the call of Dr. Martin Luther King to witness to the inhumanity of Jim Crow laws of the South. Jon Daniels and Judy Upham stayed after the march to integrate the then all-White St. Paul’s Parish and to be witnesses to the aftermath of the great march to Montgomery from Selma. Jon was killed by a local deputy when they went to buy cold drinks in a local store.

Why you should come

Anyone who never experienced the ‘bad ole days’ of segregation will better understand how racism was lived out in the recent past. We will all wrestle with how racism is still an evil that we must face in our world today.  Adults and older teens should consider coming and participating. Childcare will be provided.

“We must raise up a new generation and pass the torch to that generation so that the march will continue, so that the movement will go on, so that we will not stop, we will not cease, we will not desist until justice rolls down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever-flowing brook, ” says the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, presiding-bishop, elect of The Episcopal Church. “That’s the movement we’re all a part of. It’s a movement that believes passionately that love can actually change the world.”

Potluck lunch

A light pot luck lunch will be provided. Please let the church office know if you plan to attend, whether you need childcare, and please bring a salad or a dessert. You can reach the office at 817-431-2396 or at

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