Instructed Eucharist April 14-15, April 21-22

For the weekends of April 14-15 and April 21-22, in our Saturday and Sunday worship services, we’ll share an instructed Eucharist. As we wrap worship teaching into worship itself, we’ll connect our hearts to layers of meaning in the intentional rhythms of Episcopal worship. Come! You’ll find something new as we gather these weekends.

April 14-15 we’ll explore the first part of our worship, the Liturgy of the Word. We’ll experience the ways our worship draws us toward God and our neighbor as we gather in the Lord’s name, proclaim and respond to the Word of God, pray for the world and the church, and greet our neighbors with God’s love.

April 21-22 we’ll seek new, deeper meaning in the Liturgy of the Table. In this part of our worship, we offer and the present all our gifts, and a priest consecrates the bread and wine at the altar. We witness the celebrant break the bread, symbolizing the breaking of Christ’s body in the cross, and we share the bread and wine as the disciples did in the Lord’s Supper, express our thanks and praise, and prepare to take God’s love out to the world when we leave.