Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth – Convention 2018

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Convention 2018: Loving, Living, Life Giving – the Jesus Movement  #DioFW

Registration is now open for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth‘s Convention 2018, Friday, November 9 – Saturday, November 10. The registration fee includes one meal per day. Convention will be at the Decatur Civic Center, and it begins at 1 pm Friday. There are nearby hotels if you plan to stay overnight. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend!

Early Bird Rates

Early Bird rates (before Oct. 1) are $75 for a 2-day registration and $50 for a 1-day registration. After Oct. 1, rates go up to $90 for a two-day registration and $65 for a one-day registration.

What is Convention?

The Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is the primary representative governing body of the diocese. It convenes annually in November to conduct diocesan business, including election of officers and members of various leadership bodies; approval of a budget for the upcoming year; and establishing diocesan policy and procedure by considering and voting on resolutions and approving changes to the diocesan constitution and canons. Usually the Convention meets on a Friday and Saturday. There are workshops and exhibits and social activities in addition to business and committee meetings.