Yearning to Know God’s Will: Holy Conversations for St. Martin’s

The Rector Search Committee has received the results of the recent parish-wide survey. Now they need to review that information in a series of zoom conversations. The survey results and your voices will help shape the parish profile that will be published soon to tell our story to those who may be considering entering into discernment of a call to be our next Rector. The Vestry will also use this information in a strategic planning process.

Each Zoom conversation will begin at 7 pm. The topics are:

August 20: The Power of Discernment During Transition We’ll take a look at how the results of the survey and the conversations we are about to have can inform the process of discernment. How do we discern God’s will? How can we discern together?

August 23: Honoring the Past St. Martin’s was founded fifty years ago. Those fifty years have been full of meaning, challenges, and change. How can we honor the past without being tied to it? What has been at the heart of St. Martin’s?

August 27: Embracing the Present During this pandemic, we’ve been saying, “The buildings may be closed but the church is open and carrying out the mission God has entrusted to us.” How can we celebrate the present reality? How is St. Martin’s helping?

August 30: Reaching for What Lies Ahead What is God calling us to do and who is God calling us to be? What is God’s vision of the future for St. Martin’s? What are the goals and challenges? What kind of spiritual leader are we hoping will join us in the pursuit of that vision?

Here’s how you participate:

  • Click here for online registration and select the dates you will attend.
  • A zoom invitation will be sent to you with instructions for signing in or calling in.
  • Sign in or call on the dates and times you selected.
  • Help us tell St. Martin’s story.