Human Flourishing: Video Interlude

Human Flourishing: A Video Interlude

Bishop Curry’s book, “Love is the Way,” brought up questions in our group about what the Bible says about homosexuality. Between this book and our next one, we will take a brief interlude to watch a video by Prof. L. Michael White.

Dr. White is the Ronald Nelson Smith Chair in Religious Studies and Classics at The University of Texas at Austin. The video was taken during a talk Dr. White gave at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston in 2005.

Dr. White’s lecture looks at the contexts and specific verses in the Bible that deal with same-sex relationships. It’s an in-depth examination of scripture that Christians and non-Christians can learn from. This is not meant to settle the issue in one way or the other. It’s a way to make us ask ourselves questions about our own beliefs and interpretations, whatever they may be. When it comes to interpreting the word of God, one can only do so firm in the knowledge of what God’s prophets actually said and meant.

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Looking Ahead

On January 26, we’ll begin our next book, “Not in God’s Name,” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Don’t forget to order your book! More details and registration to come.