Human Flourishing: Not in God’s Name

The next book in our Human Flourishing discussion series is “Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence,” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

In his book, Rabbi Sacks considers the roots of conflict within the human community. He touches on violence, identity and rivalry and the problems stemming from those issues; for example, creating scapegoats. Through Bible teachings, he then leads the reader down what could be called a third way – a way that recognizes the nature of conflict and a different way of resolving it. The book finishes with a discussion of the importance of love, letting go of hate, and describes a path toward better understanding.

“Not in God’s Name” is a powerful reading that asks us to look at the lessons we have been taught over the years, especially within the church environment, and to rethink what some of those lessons mean in today’s world. At the end of this nine-week discussion, those who participate may find themselves with a better understanding of what it means and how important it is to be, as defined within our Biblical context, a “Peacemaker.”

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