Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Services

Join us in the church on February 14 at noon or 7 pm.

Ashes to Go

Clergy and lay ministers will be imposing ashes in our parking lot on Ash Wednesday from 7 – 9 am and from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. We invite you to drive through and receive ashes and prayers in your car.

About Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday gets its name from the practice of placing ashes on foreheads as a sign of penitence and humility, with the spoken reminder “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” The use of ashes and rough sackcloth to indicate mourning, deep repentance or humility goes back over 3,000 years and intersects many cultures. The ashes are a grimy, dusty reminder that we are created from humble, earthly substance. As such we are invited to and yearn for a more exalted connection with God, our creator. Ash Wednesday begins Lent, a 40-day time of introspection, moderation, spiritual discipline and preparation before Easter and Jesus’ joyful resurrection.

Stations of the Cross

Each Friday in Lent at 7 pm, join us as we walk the Fourteen Stations of the Cross in the church. We will pray and meditate about each event Jesus went through from his condemnation to the tomb.