4Saints Christmas Gifts

Christmas will be here before you know it, and we know you are already thinking about gifts for 4Saints clients/neighbors! You may remember this outreach as “Red Bags,” from past years. This year, because of space restraints, we are being asked only to collect these items:

Adults: $10 gift cards to Dollar Tree or QuikTrip (if you prefer, you can give cash which will be magically turned into a gift card by the volunteers from your parish)

Children: Gloves. Most gloves now are so stretchy that they are appropriate for most ages. We’ll have a big box from which parents can choose gloves for their children.

Please bring your gift to church by Sunday, December 4 so the gifts can be delivered to 4Saints and given out on the last two Fridays before Christmas. 

If you have questions, please contact liza.goodner@stmartininthefields.org or Carolyn Brannen at 4Saints at 817-228-5545 or cbrannen2211@gmail.com.