Episcopal Youth Community Given a Chance to Help Others Through Mission and Outreach and Kiva

This past Sunday, the 7th-12th grade Sunday school class took on a special project. St. Martin’s mission and outreach committee has graciously given the youth $500 to put towards microloans to help the poor through Kiva.

Teens worked in groups to try to decide who should receive the loans. Aubrey Hardman lent his enthusiastic support and guidance to the teens on this project. The class looked at the pros and cons of each person seeking assistance. It was interesting to see the empathy, questions and thought that went into deciding which individuals would be good candidates to help.

What is Kiva?

Kiva is an organization that helps people all over the world. Potential borrowers want to start or grow a business, afford school, build a house, switch to clean energy and much more. They can create profiles describing their situation and what type of loan they require. Loans as little as $25 can help give people a chance to make a change in their own life and in their surrounding community. Loans are repaid by borrowers through Kiva.

You can learn more about how Kiva works.

What is next?

The teens will continue to look at borrower profiles during Sunday school and will vote on who they would like to help. The teens are very excited about an individual who sells coconuts and newspapers in Guatemala and a mother with 13 children who is trying to make a difference in her community. Look for more information and the outcome of this exciting opportunity. Many thanks to the mission and outreach committee for this wonderful gift for the teens to thoughtfully use it to help others in the world.


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