Ecumenical Dialogue Group

Are you interested in forming ecumenical bonds in our community, learning about other beliefs and practices, and sharing our Episcopal beliefs and practices with others?

St. Martin’s has been invited by Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Community in Colleyville to explore our common elements of faith to strengthen mutual Christian understanding. Come and be a part of these discussions and experiences! Together we will share, learn, and nurture a sense of reverence and peace among all God’s children.

This ecumenical dialogue group will have meetings, each about an hour and a half long. Meetings will be informal, fluid, friendly, and informative. The first meeting was in October 2018, at Good Shepherd Catholic Community. Check out an outline of the first class!

Next meeting – Thursday, June 13, 2019

Good Shepherd Catholic Community will host this next meeting – all are welcome! Questions? Father Scot McComas at can answer them!

Christian unity matters

Our society today is recognizably polarized; our faith need not reflect that. Working toward unity begins with understanding gained through dialogue and experience. There’s no better place to start than dialogue and shared worship with other local Christians from another denomination! Join us in reaching toward understanding and connection.

This ministry promotes an appreciation of the Rites of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, as well as the common elements of Ecumenism that unites us as Catholics and other Christian churches and ecclesial communities. We invite dialogue and sharing of interreligious activities within and beyond GSCC in the interest of nurturing a sense of reverence and peace among all God’s children – Good Shepherd Catholic Community

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