Dinner Connections – food & fellowship groups

Winner winner chicken dinner!
Food, friends and fellowship make for great gatherings and great connections!

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church is starting its next round of Dinner Connections small social groups.

Why Dinner Connections?

Our church is changing and stretching! We all regularly see people in the pews at church whom we don’t know well. We want everyone connected to our community to develop meaningful relationships beyond weekend worship, because these relationships strengthen our lives and strengthen our community.

And few things go together like food and fellowship, right? Talking and sharing is natural around a table when gathering for a meal.

How do Dinner Connections work?

Our signups will have Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday lunch options. We could have called this “Dinners for Eight” like some churches do, because we are going to form groups of eight-ish adults and their children. We’ll take your signups and divide you up into groups. Our goal is to put people together so that each group has at most 8 adults, with a choice to be in a group that has children, or not. Who you’re with depends on who signs up! Once we’ve notified you of your group members and their contact information, you self-organize and choose dates and places to meet. One person or family will host a meal each month for four months. Hosting will rotate on a schedule you determine. Meals can be in homes, restaurants, or at church (contact the office to schedule).

Questions and answers

Who cooks? Usually the host will make the main dish and beverages, and other participants will coordinate and bring sides and dessert. We recommend BYOB. Potluck dinners are a good way to simplify meal planning and distribute costs equally in the group. Consider picking a dinner theme (Italian, BBQ, soup and salad, sandwiches and salad), and have everyone coordinate to a dish that goes along with that theme. Your group may also choose to visit local restaurants or other venues.

What if I can’t host at my house? Or if I can’t cook? Our desire is for you to spend time together getting to know each other and to include everyone. Your group may choose to repeat a host home or eat out. If finding a host home is difficult, your group is welcome to schedule dinner at the church – contact the church office for availability and to schedule. Store-bought chicken and frozen, baked lasagna are great options; you don’t have to be a gourmet cook! We absolutely want everyone to feel that they can participate. You can schedule a gathering at church and make it a potluck, or agree with your group to meet at a restaurant.

You call this “dinners” but does it have to be “dinner?” Our signups will have Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday lunch options. The specifics of the meal will be up to your individual group.

Is this a Bible study? Nope, it’s just a time for fellowship.

I’m not sure. Why should I join Dinner Connections?

Food and fellowship and getting to know others at church is for everyone, newcomers and oldtimers alike, the quiet folks who may want to remain anonymous in church, and the people who think they have enough church friends already! When we do life together, our challenges become smaller. God uses others to bring friendship, support, and encouragement to us, whether we know we need it or not. We all need a community where we have people who care about what’s happening in our lives.

Oh, yeah, sign me up!

Signup forms are at church, so pick one of the three options (Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday lunch) and give your information on the form. Call the church office at 817-431-2396 if you can’t come by. Please direct questions by email to connect@stmartininthefields.org and someone will be honored to help you.

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