Deepening our faith through stewardship – from your stewardship ministry team

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Wouldn’t we all love to flourish in faith and be certain of God’s presence at all times and in all circumstances? Flourish in Faith is the theme for our annual financial stewardship program and will include a variety of opportunities for exploring scriptures and deepening our faith.

Over the next several weeks we will explore God’s vision for St. Martin’s and invite members to prayerfully determine God’s will for the gifts and resources with which they have been blessed. These are the seeds we will plant for our journey:

  • October 6 will be designated Gratitude Sunday, an opportunity to reflect on God’s abundant blessings and express our gratitude. Join us in the Parish Hall for a potluck lunch after the 10:30 service ends.
  • From on October 6  through November 10, narratives written by Episcopal stewardship leaders across the country will provide reflections on stewardship and faithful giving.
  • In addition, from October 6 through November 10, we will receive personal thankfulness stories to learn first-hand how your fellow parishioners have flourished in their faith through intentional giving of their financial resources.
  • Join us Wednesday nights from October 9-November 6 for discussion, prayer, coffee and dessert from 7-8 p.m. in the west parish hall to explore stewardship as part of our Christian walk of faith. Childcare will be provided
  • A children’s program will include an offering dedicated to Heifer International to purchase an animal for a family in need. (
  • On November 10 we will celebrate Commitment Sunday, the culmination of the journey, when pledges will be completed and offered as an act of worship

The richness of the journey is dependent upon each of us and our openness to God’s leading. As we seek to lay a fertile foundation in which seeds may be planted to blossom in our community, let us join together to do God’s work through St. Martin’s.

Together in Christ,
The Stewardship Ministry Team

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