Deacon Henry Visits Summer Children’s Chapel

The Rev. Henry Penner stopped by Summer Children’s Chapel recently to talk to children and teens about the ministry of a deacon in the Episcopal church. He spoke of the Holy Spirit tugging on his heart and calling on him to help others.

Deacon Henry shared his thoughts of servanthood:

I’m your servant and Jesus’ servant too.

He called the children to watch him “clean up the dishes” after Communion during a worship service or read the Gospel. He also talked about how a deacon is asked to preach, teach and serve where they are needed, humbling themselves before God. Children were invited to try on a collection of colorful deacon stoles and were asked to think about how they could serve others just like a deacon would serve in the church and greater community. He challenged children to think about their own call to ministry. Check out pics from this amazing morning in chapel by visiting our flickr gallery.

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