Christianity: The First 3000 Years is Wednesday Study topic

Starting Wednesday, December 2, our 10 am Wednesday Study turns to a new topic: Christianity: The First 3,000 Years. The class will enjoy a six-week BBC video series that shows the early diversity of Christianity, how and why Christianity developed the way it did, and how the Christian faith has diversified around the world. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate Advent and Christmastide.

The book and video series embrace the work of Oxford University don Diarmaid MacCollough. MacCollough is the authority on Christian history in the world today.

The Rev. Lauren Gough will facilitate the class. Lauren is excited about what this class brings to us at this time:

Many roll their eyes at history, but I have found it is that study that answers many questions for my faith. This class is designed to address many issues that present us today. The BBC videos provide on locales of the historical events. Class conversation will offer opportunities to discuss how the events and worldview of specific eras has molded the Church and churches into how Christianity is revealed today.

Some may want to read the whole of MacCollough’s tome; however, it is too long for a six-week course. It is available in paperback and also at used prices. (Do not get it on ebook. Too much is lost of the maps and illustrations.) His other books, The ReformationThomas CranmerTudor Church MilitantHenry VIII and Silence are all worthwhile, well-researched and with wry Scottish wit so rare in history.

Bring your questions. They may not all be answered, but we will try!

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