Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir practices begin this Sunday, November 24. Here’s what you need to know:

Children’s Choir

  • This choir is for ages “potty-trained” to 12-years-old. However, teenagers who would like to participate or help are welcome and invited!
  • Rehearsals will be on the first and last Sunday of each month.
  • The Children’s Choir will sing each month at the First Sunday Family Worship Service.
  • Rehearsals will start 15 minutes after the 10:30 am service ends. This will give you a chance for fellowship and to get a bite to eat.
  • No formal musical training is necessary, only a willing and joyful spirit is required!
  • Resources such as YouTube, MP3’s and CD’s will be available to help at-home practice.
  • Parent/Guardian participation during rehearsals is a must – please be present to show your children your support and to learn the songs yourself to aid them with practice.

Choir Practice for Christmas Eve

  • Our first month, December, will have an extra practice for children to learn songs for the Christmas Eve services.
  • The number of participants and their ages will be a deciding factor as to which Christmas Eve service they will sing in. We have a children’s service at 3 pm and a family service at 5 pm on Christmas Eve. It would be great to have the children sing at both services if they are able!
  • Upcoming rehearsals:
    • November 24 for Christmas Eve
    • December 1 for Christmas Eve
    • December 15 for Christmas Eve
    • December 29 for First Sunday Family Worship on January 5

Any questions? Please contact music minister DeShay Jackson at

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