Can you help Anika & Neil?

Dear parish community,

In a tragic event last month, the boyfriend of our Parish Administrator Anika Barbarito lost an eye. Neil has since had two eye surgeries and now has a prosthetic eye that’s been successfully reattached to nerves and muscles to allow some natural movement. Anika has appreciated the love, support, and prayers that have poured out from our church!

I wanted to directly reach out to the people in our church community. Insurance isn’t covering the type of painted prosthetic eye covering that will look like a real eye. Being unable to work is hard on him; Neil will likely have a 4-week recovery and it’s unclear when he will be able to go back to work.

Anika and Neil have not asked for our support, but I know that many in our community of faith are eager to help them move forward from this tragedy. Anika has said that she and Neil are so grateful for the love, hugs, prayers and support that have come their way. Neil doesn’t come from a religious background, but he has been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to him from both St. Martin’s and All Saints’, where he’s been employed as a sexton for the previous two months.

If you want to help Neil and Anika and make a contribution to help with Neil’s prosthetic eye and loss of income, there are two ways you can help:

I cannot tell you how important it is to me personally that St. Martin’s support Anika and Neil in this difficult time. The Reverends Annette Mayer and Henry Penner have joined me in helping them with money from our benevolence funds. We do not give money to panhandlers but only to people in our St. Martin’s community who are in need. Thank you for your continued prayers for Anika and Neil and for your generosity. I am deeply grateful for all the many ways we love and support each other in our church.

Thank you all.

The Rev. Scot McComas
Rector, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church

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