Called to Serve as a Leader?

Under the parish bylaws, a Candidate Qualification Committee reviews the names of persons who may stand for election to the Vestry and as Delegates to Diocesan Convention. That committee has been appointed and is made up of Keen Haynes, Bob Bess, Christopher Mullaney, Kristy Pemberton, and Julie Sutton. If you or someone you know may be called to serve on the Vestry or as a Delegate to next year’s Diocesan Convention, please let the committee know by sending an email to by September 30. This process is being started now in order to allow time for discernment and for notification to be provided to the parish prior to the January election.
Persons who serve on the Vestry “shall be Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing of the Parish, who at the time of election have been members of the Parish for at least the previous twelve (12) months, who are at the time of election at least eighteen (18) years of age, and who were financial contributors to the Parish in the preceding year as shown on the records of the Treasurer of the Parish” (Bylaws Article 5.1). The same qualifications apply to delegates to Diocesan Convention.