Breeze Membership Database

All St. Martin’s members are welcome to use our Church Management System, Breeze.


With Breeze you can see and manage…


  • Personal & family information
  • Giving history
  • Online donations & contributions
  • Church events
  • Online church directory with contact information, address and photos

Through Breeze, we’ve implemented text-to-give to make giving simpler, using a bank account, credit card or debit card. You’ll be able to set up recurring gifts and make one-time gifts. It will all be at your fingertips!


Quick Links and Info


Login Here

Why not bookmark the URL?


Church ID for App


How to Give

Text to give number: 817-270-6880
  • Text GIVE to 817-270-6880 to make a contribution to our default fund,
    or text an amount & a fund name (example: 50 pledge). Follow the instructions you receive in the text message reply.
  • Text COMMANDS to 817-270-6880 for other options.
  • Why not put our text-to-give number in your phone contacts?


Click on any section to learn more about Breeze at St. Martin’s

What motivated us to use Breeze?
Our Vestry’s Stewardship Committee saw the need for our church to embrace online giving to supplement traditional giving of cash and check, and on September 16, 2018 the Vestry approved our church’s transition to Breeze. Breeze will replace the member and contribution management system we have used since the early 2000’s.
What this means for you?
Breeze lets us do new things without giving up any of the things we’ve been doing.
If you prefer to write checks, or give with cash, and do not wish to use Breeze, please carry on with what you’re comfortable doing. However, the best way to connect to our directory is through Breeze. Consider Breeze a new online member tool you can use if you wish!

What Breeze can do?

1. Breeze can connect our members to each other


Church is better when we know each other, right? Member and family photos and contact information are in Breeze – things we used to have separately, in a paper contact list and a photo directory. Help us make that better! We’ve operated a long time with the concept of a “home phone” and a single “household email.” Times have changed and the tools many use are a personal mobile phone and a personal email – so we need your member contact updates. Add photos so we know who you are – church is friendlier when we have names and faces together! Our next photo directory can be done with Breeze if you help us with your photos. Breeze online and in the app has membership at your fingertips.

We ask that you create a member account and update your personal and family information. If you haven’t received an email invitation with the subject, “Create Your St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church Account,” let us know, and we will send your invitation. We’ll need your email address to match a member record in Breeze. If you need an invitation or help using Breeze, contact:

2. Breeze offers additional, new ways to financially support the mission of our church


If you scramble out of the house with just your phone and credit card, don’t carry cash, don’t know where your checkbook is, or have your ACH number memorized – and you want to give at our church – you can.


Our text-to-give number is 817-270-6880. You can also find it each week in our worship bulletin. We will occasionally announce text-to-give opportunities. Here are some keywords that you can use to text an amount for a certain fund:

  • “Pledge” for your 2020 pledge
  • “Lent” for our Lenten Outreach Project
  • “flowers” for weekly flowers or special events like Christmas & Easter – please note, you will still need to email your dedication to or turn in a dedication form at church.
  • “Food” to support 4Saints Episcopal Food Panrty
  • “Help” for the Belevolence Fund which our clergy use to help members in need

You can give online, too. Use this form below, or bookmark for the future!


3. Breeze can show you what’s going on at church


What’s happening this week? Next Sunday? Breeze can show you our church calendar.
Be patient, events take about 10 seconds to load.

Get an invitation to use Breeze

To access Breeze, you need an invitation to create an account. Tell our admin below that you want a member invitation! We need to verify your contact details and email to invite you. Contact:

Your invitation will come by email from a church staff member, and it will look like this photo:

Create your account and login! Accept the invitation and create your username and password. Look for a confirmation email once you’ve created the account. Then login at (add that to your browser bookmarks!).


Update your information! Help us update member info by reviewing your contact information and family details and giving us photos! Need to add people? Contact one of our admins. We’re happy to help with photos, members, and updates of any sort.
Get the app


If you want information at your fingertips, get the Breeze mobile app here:

To connect the app to our church, use the church ID “stmartin” and use your username and password to login.

How do I...


We’ve got help here on the typical things our members do in Breeze. We have a brochure that can help get you started. Pick one up at church or use this PDF of our getting-started tri-fold.


View & edit my own information

  • Click ★My Profile
  • Hover over the gray title box
  • Click on “Click to Edit Section”
  • Click the green “Save” button when done editing each section
  • Edit your family members’ information, too

Make contact details private

  • Click ★My Profile
  • Click the gray header over the “Contact” section
  • Click “Show More Options” below any type of contact information
  • Check “Make Private” & make any detailed selections
  • Click the green “Save” button when done editing each section

Upload a photo

  • Click ★My Profile
  • Click on the photo box
  • Scroll & click on “Upload Image” & select a photo to upload (Landscape is best)
  • Crop the photo
  • Click the green “Set as Profile” button
  • Repeat for each family member to add their photo

Give online

  • On the top blue bar choose “$ Give Now”
  • Enter your contribution amount
  • Choose your fund
  • Enter your payment information
  • Choose either “One Time Gift” or select the frequency that you would like to give
  • Click “Donate Now”

See my giving history

  • Click ★My Profile
  • On the left hand side, choose “Giving” or in the app, click on the dollar bill icon

Text to give

  • Text GIVE to 817-270-6880 to make a contribution to our default fund,
    or text an amount & a fund name (example: 50 pledge)
  • Follow the instructions you receive in the text message reply
  • Text COMMANDS to 817-270-6880 for other options


See what’s going on – events
  • On the top blue bar, choose“Events”
  • The events load slowly, so be patient!
  • When the calendar appears, click on an event title for more information
What else will we do with Breeze

We’re always growing more into our church’s use of Breeze!

  • Check in
  • Forms
  • Group communications
Donation privacy policy


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