Benny Bits: focus on giving

Our young people are living with purpose this year with the help of St. Benedict. “Benny” set aside time each day to pray, give, worship, serve and love. Recently, our two younger Sunday school classes for children and tweens (PreK-2 grade and 3-5 grade) received lanyards with a prayer card attached.

The “pray” card encourages our young people to pray this prayer daily:

Help me to:                                                                                   seek you
find you
know you
think about you
hear you
see you
praise you
wait for you
and keep looking for you.

Now kids and tweens will receive the second card, “give.” They will be challenged to find ways to give to others. Maybe your child can give their time and take out the trash at home or help with recycling? Perhaps your tween can make a card or bring soup to someone who isn’t feeling well. There are many ways to fill this world up with small acts of kindness, love and generosity. Kids and tweens will continue to receive small Benedictine themed prizes when they come back to church and share their experiences. Let’s be “all about giving” in this season of Advent and make a space for Jesus in our heart.Benny lanyard

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