Benny Bits: an update on Benny lanyards

This past Sunday, the Godly Play class (4 year olds through 2nd grade) learned about Benny lanyards, backstage passes to simple Benedictine ways of living. They started with a card on their lanyard that calls them to make a point to pray each day. They also were given a simple version of the prayer of St. Benedict:


Help me to:

seek you
find you
know you
think about you
hear you
see you
praise you
wait for you                                                                                   and keep looking for you.

This Sunday, the tween Sunday school class (3 through 5 graders) will be invited to join in and learn about living with purpose with the Benny lanyards. Each group will be challenged to think about prayer and then come back and talk about how things were a little bit different when they made time to talk to God. The older teens in junior high and high school will learn about this during Wednesday night weekly meetings and at Sunday school.


A couple of Benedictine goodies!

All groups will be able to earn some Benedictine goodies like Benedictine inspired key chains, crosses and pins as they move through the Benny lanyard activities. They will receive additional cards that will invite our young people to live out the fives which are “pray, give, worship, serve and love.” Look for our young people wearing Benny lanyards at St. Martin’s. Ask them about Benny!




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