Band of Moms

Hey mama, I’m talking to you!

Band of Moms is a group of mothers of every age group – babies, toddlers, tweens & teens, young adults, failure to launch…it’s for all moms. As joyous as the season of raising children is, it is also one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. As a mom, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted & drained. That’s because “Mommin’ ain’t easy!” That is exactly why this group was formed.


At Band of Moms, childcare is always provided. Each meeting includes a potluck dinner & discussion. Bring a dish to share if you can, come anyway if you can’t! There is always enough food! We’ll sit & talk about everything and anything and we’ll listen to one another. Sometimes as moms, all we really want is adult conversation and someone to listen. We always end the evening in prayer. Come as you are. We form strong friendships as we grow together in faith and support one another on this walk.


We really strive to make this a safe place for moms to pour their hearts out to and feel comfortable in knowing that they are never alone. We talk about the fears that come up in being moms, like “Am I enough? Am I doing enough? Am I screwing them up? How do I fix this!?” We talk about our own experiences & how we get through them. And we celebrate the blessings and wins, which are many!


We have seen each other through cancer, surgeries, behavioral diagnoses, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. The big thing we always remember is that what happens in our group, stays in our group, and we all are fiercely committed to protecting the privacy of one another.


Though Band of Moms started out reading & discussing books, because this particular season of life is so challenging and busy for our moms, we wanted to lighten our loads and enjoy one another without worrying about keeping up with a book. That being said, we are open to reading a book should one come out that we really want to read.

Books we’ve read & recommend:

Meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Mondays each month, at 6:30 – 8 pm in the west parish hall.

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