Backpack Blessings

Backpack Blessings will be held at the 10:30 am Drive-In Worship Service August 30. 
All students, teachers (including parent teachers) and school volunteers, whether you’re in preschool, public school, private school, home school, Sunday school, college, or graduate school: you’re invited to receive a special blessing! Please bring your backpacks or electronic devices to the church parking lot when you come to worship. 
We have created special backpack tags and stickers, which Father Ron Pogue will bless during the service. They will then be delivered to your car. 
In order to receive these fun gifts, please turn your car headlights on and/or hold your backpack out of the car. (We’ll let you know when!)
We are looking forward to seeing you, as the congregation prays for the excitement of learning, achievement, and growth as students, families and schools begin a new school year.