The youth of St. Martin’s presented the story of the baptism of Jesus on Sunday, January 10 at the 10:30 am service. With Ainsley Williams serving as director, teens got to work crafting a new way to tell this story. They started with brainstorming sessions during Wednesday night EYC meetings to do some planning and took time to create artwork for the bulletin as well.

Art by Kyra Williams

Art by Kyra Williams, EYC member

Teens worked behind the scenes with lighting and props. When the sermon began, the youth sprung into action, retelling the story of Jesus’ baptism with quirkiness, heart and humor. John the Baptist drank honey and ate locusts while sporting a fur vest and leather belt. People of the town were baptized. Jesus entered the scene and changed everything, and a joyous reunion of two boyhood friends ensued. “John! Jesus!”, the two friends exclaimed. “Whassup?!”
Jesus knelt for a quick baptism of his own and then the heavens were torn, a dove descended and the voice of God proclaimed that Jesus was indeed the son of God and that was a very good thing.

The youth continued to be involved in the worship service, filling two front pews. Teens served as acolytes and a trio of girls led the prayers of the people. It was a great way for our young people to be active participants in worship, adding a bit of flair to a usually quiet Epiphany season. Photos can be found here, or swipe through the photo gallery below.